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Sharada Industries

We Sharada Industries, the leading manufacturer of Pooja Items like Kumkum, Vibuthi, Turmeric, Rose water, Agarbathi and Javathu with an expert team having experience in the field for more than 20 years came into the commercial marketing of the above said products under the brands named ‘Diamond’ and ‘Sharada’ from 2013 with a sole aim to give only quality and pure products to the customers.



  • Turmeric Powder

    Turmeric a natural anti-biotic and anti-sceptic herb serves as a nature’s gift from an age long time for Pooja Purposes too. We have original and pure turmeric powder manufactured by powdering original turmeric without any adulteration. Indian pooja tradition have a hoary past of using Turmeric as one of the important articles. Turmeric is used in one or more way either directly or indirectly in almost all poojas.

  • Kumkum

    As per the Indian Pooja Tradition, Kumkum is considered as the most auspicious material. Giving Kumkum to Temples and Receiving Kumkum from Temples as prasadam is also a practice of Indian Tradition. We have original Kumkum manufactured from pure turmeric powder with the resultant Kumkum in two major colours of Merun and Red. It is a vast practice in major parts of India to have Kumkum mixed with some natural essence and then use it. We have thazhampoo Kumkum in which Kewda Flower’s essence is added with Kumkum. We also have original Kumkum without any scent added.

  • Rose Water

    Flavoured Rose water (also known as Panneer in Tamil) is a natural flavouring scent used in almost all pooja purposes, as a sacred water in Purification Purposes and the like.

  • Incese Sticks

    Using Incense Sticks to purify and energise the atmosphere is a vast practice followed at many places. The essence mixed with charcoal and the like are rolled over small bamboo sticks to make it easy to handling.
    We have following flavours Incense Sticks:

    • i) Javathu
    • ii) Mogra
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